A luxurious set of five famous floral Isabey fragrances

Discover Isabey’s unique fragrance vision and immerse yourself in a world of feminine elegance, sensuality, and floral sophistication This limited edition set presents five of Isabey’s most outstanding heritage floral creations for your consideration, conveniently offered as five (5) 10ml sprays The filigree design ensures that the scents are the perfect companion for traveling

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Isabey – Fleur Nocturne
Inspired by the unbelievable beauty of the amethyst, a deep lilac-colored gemstone that traps time and retains a fleeting memory of the past. This is a scent that conveys the piquancy and transience of a bouquet of lush white flowers, which fill the room with their ripe, fruity-creamy scent so close to collapse you’re afraid to touch them in case they come apart in your hands.

Isabey – Gardenia
A fragrance that clings to her wearer like no other and strives to please her, and only her. With every passing moment, she gives up more and more of her secret core of fleshy white flowers, so buttery and sensual they seem to merge seamlessly with the warm, musked-up scent of the woman’s own skin.

Isabey – Route d’Emeraude
La Route d’Emeraude is named for an emerald. The scent itself contains an opulent and bewitching jewel of its own, namely the heartbreaking beauty of sambac jasmine. Allow your senses to become flooded with the sparkling freshness of bergamot, spiced with cinnamon and soothed with rose essence, before giving way completely to that sensuous core of creamy, lusty Arabian jasmine.

Isabey – Lys Noir
A deep, dark perfume that plays upon the eternal fascination of the Orient, framing an opulent and crepuscular lily in smoky ring of resin and dark woods. A dance between light and dark that will captivate you and those around you all day….and all night.

Isabey – Tendre Nuit
With a heady swirl of rose oil and rose absolute, Tendre Nuit is the very essence of the Eternal Feminine. A sweet and salty Ambroxan wraps the rose up in a tender embrace of woods, a seductive flourish that pits the masculine against the feminine to great effect. Velvety ambrette seed cloaks the rose and woods in a cloudy, airy musk that smells of skin but also of apple peel and brandy schnapps. Desirable and unforgettable.

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